Summer Lovin

Oh my stars and garters and Cormac McCarthy!

It’s already halfway through the summer!


Flower and Grass hats are a must for the Summer season. They’re also great to wear while going through submissions.

At the Susquehanna Review, there isn’t much for us to do while we lounge about our homes away from home. Yes, the world is our sandy oyster and we keep ourselves busy with jobs and summer activities, but is it enough?

 If the spring is when nature wakes up, the summer is like nature’s mid-day, so make it fruitful! Summer is when everything is alive and functioning, whether that be high function, low function, or wild function. There’s a world of things to get you through the summer. I’ve created a list of things that have carried me through the summer so far:

My wolf pack


click for the picture to move

It’s nice to have a group of friends to hang out with during the day, but make sure you go hiking in the moonlight at least once this summer with your friends. Climb to high places so you can see the lights of the town, or if you’re really lucky, go to a place where you can go stargazing.  But hiking’s not the only thing you can do at night. If you never played manhunt as a child, then this summer is the summer to redeem yourself. My other night-time escapades with my friends so far this summer has included a hike to a bridge where you can see the entire town, bonfires, forest walks in blankets, hottubbing, candlelit chats, and hookah bars.

My challenge to you is to go out at night at least once a week and do something fun with your friends. The night-time is like summer in the day, but it’s spookier and less sun-burning. Just remember to wear your bug repellent.


Maybe it’s the time of the year, but i’m in a very tribal mood. Maybe it’s like how cat’s get really rambunctious when it’s hot outside. I find myself listening to a lot of new music and rolling around while yodeling.

Stealing Sheep – Shut Eye The drums, and the tongue tying to-the-beat lyrics make me think of witches dancing in the forest somewhere around a bonfire. Perfect for my kind of summer.

Purity Ring – Fineshrine This band was introduced to me by a friend who moved down to florida (talk about embracing the summer ideal). Their electronic sound is really hypnotic and clean. It’s good for any party, really.

Disclosure – White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge  This one is a little more of an upbeat, party song. It’s got that really cool message that you can make the best of something that seems like it’s dead and over. For some reason this reminds me of the days of Sandstorm. Good times. Maybe ask your local roller rink to play it next time you go.

Turtles in a Half Shell


One rainy day last month, a turtle trecked into my front garden and laid eggs into the dirt I had just mulched. I hope the babies grow and I get a chance to record the babies to show y’all.

In that spirit, I present a poem by Kay Ryan about, you guessed it, Turtles. Click on the picture of Henry the Turtle, and he’ll take you there, where you can also listen to a dramatic reading.


Chocolate and Candy

If you’re anybody who is anybody, you have to like chocolate. Non-chocolate lovers and cocoa/dairy alergics can ignore I said that. Chocolate has sustained me throughout the summer, but I’m also addicted to these candy’s called FIREBALLS.  These things are incredibly, toxically, tongue death-ifyingly, hot.


and they put them in these giant bins as if they know that you’d never buy any more after you’ve burnt your tongue off. Yet I love them and I don’t know why.


I’ve been reading Cormac McCarthy’s book “Blood Meridian” this summer. Fantastic prose, fantastic structure, fantastic characters, fantastic book. You should read it.

Also, read George Saunders. He’s coming to our campus in the Spring and we are SO PUMPED.

Also, read everyone from this list. Just read them all. They’re coming too, just read. Just read them all. READ!

Mary Jo Bang

Ann Pancake

Eula Biss

Alison Stine

Salvatore Pane


With love
And Fire
And Fireballs
Evan Nelson

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